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Fence Staining  and Sealing 

Protect and beautify your fence with our phenomenal staining and sealing services. Our high-quality stain and seal enhances the natural wood grain while providing long-lasting protection against weather and wear. 

Fence Staining
Fence Staining and Sealing
Fence Staining and Sealing

Fence's last longer with Stain and Sealer

  • Enhanced Durability: Staining and sealing protect fences from moisture, preventing rot, warping, and cracking, thus extending the lifespan of the wood.

  • UV Protection: Properly stained and sealed fences are shielded from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of fading and discoloration over time.

  • Improved Aesthetic Appeal: Staining enhances the natural beauty of the wood, providing a rich, uniform color and a polished look that boosts curb appeal.

  • Pest Resistance: Sealing creates a barrier that helps deter insects and pests, such as termites, from damaging the wood.

  • Reduced Maintenance: A well-stained and sealed fence requires less frequent maintenance, saving time and money on repairs and upkeep.


Both Fences are 3 Years old


- The Left Fence was never stained and sealed which ended up costing the homeowner over $5K in fence damages. 

- The Fence on the Right was properly stained and sealed and not one board has been replaced and the fence has not grayed, warped, or cracked. 

Stained and Sealed Fences

Ready to protect your Fence? Our Team is ready to serve you!

Our Mission is to provide you with the most Outstanding Stain and Seal Experience ever!


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